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Everything Happylyte has two major Categories to cater to Skin conditions and Fashion Accessories needs... Happylyte Skincare is a product range that caters to various skin conditions experienced by people of color from pre-maturr aging to hyperpigmentary disorders and the commonest, Acne. Selense Wholesale Sources Unique quality items from Asian Countries to Nigeria and creates a simple yet effective platform to shop all categories of items at their wholesale prices and have it delivered to you together. Imagine being able to Shop fpr your Kids, yourself and your Kitchen from the comfort of your house and have them delivered immediately!

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Orders are shipped out in the order they are placed. First come, First Serve Please.
We will be partnering with Parks, Registered Logistics to deliver your parcel to the Delivery point we can find nearest to your location. Please note that this will mean we’re unable to work with your preferred Park but the Parks which are at the best advantage to us. After your Order is placed, kindly wait to hear from us before requesting continuously for it. We will work at our fastest pace. Kindly read the description for each item carefully and ensure that you pick the right colors, sizes and fit as we do not do returns, exchanges and refunds. Thank you for shopping with us!

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